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  ´╗┐´╗┐Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is the largest filter in your home or place of business. Not only does carpet add warmth and comfort to any room, it also helps keep the air free of allergens and pollutants when properly cleaned and maintained. Carpet acts like a trap for airborne particles (common dust, pet dander and many other tiny particles) grounded through natural gravity, keeping pollutants and allergens out of the air we breathe. Like any filter your carpet needs to be cleaned regularly. Most experts agree that carpet cleaning should be done thoroughly about once a week, with heavy traffic areas being vacuumed more often. Frequent vacuuming and regular hot water extraction cleanings will extend the life and beauty of your carpets and upholstery. 

Unlike smooth floor surfaces that allow dust and other allergens to re-circulate into our breathing zone, proper carpet cleaning actually contributes to improved air quality and a healthier indoor environment. Professional Testing Labs studied the distribution of airborne dust associated with normal activities on hard and soft flooring surfaces. Their findings showed that walking on hard surfaces disturbed more particles. These particles became airborne and entered the breathing zone. In comparison, carpeted surfaces trapped more particles so that walking disturbed fewer particles, resulting in less dust in our breathing zone. 

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